Tracking a iphone 7

Two steps to setup your iPhone location tracking. Turn on Location Services.

How to Turn On/Off Location Services on iPhone

Turn on Find My iPhone. Now you can use Find My iPhone to get real-time maps of where this iPhone is at any time. From any computer connected to the internet: From any browser go to www. Once signed-in select Find My iPhone.

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When prompted, re-enter your password. After a moment a list of all devices you have configured for tracking will show on the left of the screen. Click the device to track - after a moment a map will appear with the location of your device pin-pointed in the center this usually takes a few seconds.

It will update every several seconds on the map. Start the app and enter your Mobile Me member name email and password.

How to track a lost or stolen iPhone

Select the device to track from the list and a map will appear with the location. Find My iPhone is a real-time GPS location tracking function, but it can't tell you that iPhone user has been to where in the past few days or a few months.

How To Track Steps On iPhone 7 And iPhone 7 Plus

Once you turn on the location service on your iPhone, each GPS information will be recorded by iPhone device. Some third-party apps provide the function to read all iPhone GPS location in past a few years, such as iPhone Cleaner. Better to let them know as soon as possible that they should let others be responsible for their wellbeing. Luckily, iOS has a bunch of neat, easy-to-use, and mostly non-creepy tracking tools built in.

6 Ways to Track iPhone Location Easily

There are three main ways to use location to keep an eye on your kids. One is to just look them up in the Find My Friends app. Another is to check their location from inside a shared Family iMessage thread. And you can also use location data to find and secure their iPhone when they lose it.

Because they will lose it. The GPS part of the equation is strictly a private affair, done on the phone, by scanning then heavens for blips transmitted blindly from satellites. GPS alone cannot be used to track someone, despite what one million TV cop shows tell us.

What Is FlexiSPY's iPhone Monitoring Software?

If they have an iPhone and an iPad, for example, you can make suer location is shared from the iPhone. You can also choose which family members can see their location. In the case of a kid, you might want to let parents, and brothers and sisters all see the data. Although this might make games of hide and seek rather short. The most obvious way to track your offspring is to open up the Find My Friends app.

FoneHome insures to locate iPhone and get lost iPhone back and prevent sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands. Besides, it will send your iPhone a push notification with a loud alarm when it got lost or stolen. In simple terms, IMEI number is a unique 15 digit serial number assigned to iPhone and other mobile phones. Usually, you can see the IMEI number on the original packaging box. You can also find it in iCloud or another iOS device.

When you realize your iPhone has got lost or stolen, you can tell the details to your network service provider and ask them to add your IMEI number to the gray list of the IMEI database so that they can track your lost iPhone even if it is turned off. On top of that, remember to report your IMEI number to the law enforcement official, then they can inform you when they find your lost iPhone. It is so lucky to find the lost iPhone. But what if you fail to find your iPhone?

Mobile GPS Tracker

If you have the habit of backing up the iPhone regularly, you can restore the old backup to your other iOS device and get back the lost data. Wait a moment; this will wipe and overwrite the current data on your iOS device. Part 1. What is Find My iPhone 2. How to Turn on Find My iPhone 3.

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Play a sound on your missing device so as to let it be found. Lost Mode allows you to lock your iPhone remotely and display a custom message where you can input your address and new contact information.