How to track app engagement

Also, if you want to return users, you can send them notification indicating that there is a new discount or some serious improvements.

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It will help you find the right way on how to increase engagement of app users. Netflix service has improved the level of mobile app user engagement due to simple reminders about new series or movies on the basis of each user's viewing history. Personalization is a considerable way to give users a new level of experience where users can get interesting news according to their preferences. If users see that your app considers their interest, there is a higher probability that they will keep on using your app and they will recommend it. Discover useful tools for a personalized experience.

Ways To Increase Mobile App Engagement And Give Users Personalized Experience

Read 5 mobile app personalization tools to take user engagement to the next level. It is necessary to have the main information like location and preferences about each user, and here necessary metrics will help you. As for metrics, we will speak about it below. The conversion rate will grow in a half since all people like personalized messages. However, don't overload users with too many messages, and monitor properly everything you send.

Otherwise, it will lead to failures and growth of abandonment rates. If you want to increase app user engagement, you should give specific incentives to your customers. Rewards, premium coupons, discounts and so on will motivate people to use your app and be your faithful users. Everybody wants to receive interesting bonuses that will let them save on and get their benefit.

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Many mobile app engagement campaigns keep up with this simple rule. You just need to create thematic offers based on your app's nature, and they will be different in each app, so keep it in mind. But there are common bonuses that you can provide users with from time to time. For example, one day of free premium features for all customers that use a free version of your app. Perhaps, it will motivate people to buy a premium version and use it. Profit for both parties! Amazon retail company is the one that can boast about many loyalty programs.

In turn, this program provides users with free shipping, free additional storage for photos and video, live streaming music and movies etc. If you constantly ask your users to give their feedbacks concerning your app , its features, whether it be negative or positive comments, it makes people have more trust towards your app. They will see that their opinion is important to you, you want to interact with customers, and they will appreciate it.

Mobile App Engagement: Main Strategies To Keep Up With

Moreover, it is a better way to receive a negative feedback than users will leave bad comments in app stores - it may have a rather negative influence on your app's popularity, agree? That is why interaction with users means a lot. It will have a direct positive impact on mobile app user engagement, and you will get a double profit.

So, now you know how to increase app engagement , how to attract more users to your app, what strategies you should keep in mind. But we noted also about important metrics that you should monitor to understand the popularity of your app and so on. So here are mobile engagement metrics and analytics you should take into account. It is the first metric you should know. When you know how many times your app was downloaded , you will be able to see the whole picture of app user engagement.

It will also show how effective your marketing campaign and how your strategies work.

Optimizing for sustainable app engagement (Apps track - Playtime EMEA 2018)

Play Store and App Store reports are at your disposal. Of course, you should always know how many users downloaded your app, and it will let you arrange a high-quality engagement process. When you know this, you will be able to create a right model for your app development. You should know how many app users are active. Not everybody who downloaded your app is actively using it. You need to understand how many users are actively taking part in your app promotion, and, of course, the more active users you have, the better it is for your app.

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  5. Along with this factor, you can track stickiness - any details of your app that attract users and make them remain in your app longer. So you can see what is more interesting for them, or what you'd better remove. It is one of the most important app engagement metrics. How often do users open your app?

    Well, it is highly necessary to know the interval between new and last session. This way you will measure the level of interest of users to your app, how much time was spent before they started using your app again. It will also let you improve your app if necessary. Google Analytics is a good tool to track this metric. As it is clear from its name, here you can track the length of users' visit to your app , how much time it took for them from opening your app to closing it. Of course, the longer a customer stays in the app, the better it is for you, it means that user has more engagement in your app.

    You can monitor people who have short sessions to provide them with a useful information and make their engagement longer in the result. This rate means the number of users that returned to your again, so this metric is also very and very important. Not so many people return to your app again, that is why it very important to enhance app user engagement and make users return to your app again and again. Your main task is to track retention rate per week and per month to understand the whole situation with your users.

    It will help you build right marketing campaigns, deal with all issues that lower retention rate. Learn more about the right technology stack for your mobile app. Read How to choose an appropriate mobile app technology stack for your project. As we noted above, you simply cannot ignore feedbacks. So in-app feedback means a lot for your mobile engagement analytics. Using special tools, you can provide people with a feedback form that pop up on the screen when they use your app. So people can leave their comment without logging out.

    Then you can track all feedbacks , read them, calculate, and make your conclusions. Don't overload people with a large number of questions, all information should be laconic and clear. That is why you should pay more attention to it. As all reviews in app stores have a direct impact on app rating, it is very important to make people leave a good comment and make them be pleased with an app. Unfortunately, not so many users leave good reviews, as a rule, only those who are unsatisfied with an app write bad comments.

    Your task is to remind people to write a good review and rate your app if it is possible for them. Keep in mind that majority of users that come across an app first read a few reviews only and then they make a decision - whether they download your app or not. So monitor all reviews and stay always in touch with customers. So, we provided you with the main information you need to know about strategies and metrics to increase mobile app engagement and make their experience efficient.

    And, in the end, we would like to list the most popular tools and mobile engagement platforms that will let you simplify app user engagement and automate some processes. Mind to read it! It is one of the leading US-based companies in mobile marketing and user engagement. Its main product is targeted at push notifications and other related products like tools for user segmentation, digital wallet integration, and user behavior analytics. The company was founded in , and it became one of the most popular companies in the world of mobile marketing in a few years.

    Today many famous apps use Urban Airship to promote their mobile products and create effective marketing campaigns and mobile engagement strategy. Leanplum is a San Francisco-based company that was founded in Leanplum offices located in Europe, Asia, North America. It is a platform for optimization of crucial metrics of your mobile app. Using Leanplum, you can create multi-channel marketing campaigns just from one platform.

    It is targeted at mobile app user engagement and it is considered to be one of the leaders in this niche.

    What are the most common mobile app engagement metrics and KPIs?

    This platform was also founded in in Boston. It is a complex marketing tool that is oriented towards interaction with end users of mobile devices. The platform makes it possible for you to perform real-time analytics for web and mobile apps. Based on this, you can choose the platform that is preferable for you to increase app user engagement. More specifically in mobile advertising, understanding where engagement is high and low helps advertisers tailor campaigns.

    Retargeting and re-engagement campaigns, which tend to be a much cheaper than acquisition campaigns, can only be run successfully by advertisers who understand their audience.

    This means measuring and analyzing engagement levels to help reduce marketing costs and support the bottom line of a mobile-focused business. To learn more about retargeting, take a look at our official documentation.