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To avert a child from cyber-bullying, address a child's dangerous obesity, keep a teenager away from drug or achohol abuse, monitor your company owned computers to enhance empoyee work efficiency, or detect wrongs committed by a persistently insensitive and untrustworthy spouse, spying is justified. Please keep in mind, it is pretty legal to spy on a computer you own in your home, company, orgnization or institution.

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We don't encourage anyone by any means to spy on computers you don't have ownership to. Spying on your children.

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One context of often permissible spying is parenthood. Children typically lack the understanding needed to protect their own long-term interests. They can be illogical and poorly informed.

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They commonly give priority to short-term desires and peer approval. They lack judgment. They are easily victimized. Adult caretakers therefore play a vital role in the protection of children. Parents are justified in finding out whether their children are engaging in seriously unsafe behavior. The use of subterfuge, if needed, is warranted.

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Using PC spy software to find out what one needs to know can be a matter of responsible parenting. It was stunning to discover a number of years back that the parents of the teens involved in the infamous Columbine High School massacre had no idea their sons maintained weapons caches in their well-kept middle class homes.

Many parents view their teens' computers and social media posts as off-limits private space. Columbine and similar incidents around the country point to why parents are justified in inspecting teenagers' computers and social media app use for signs of trouble, though. Serious risks of suicide, violence against others, substance abuse, mental illness or sex abuse are grounds for intensely monitoring one's children.

Other Common justified usages of PC spy software can be addressed here: protecting yourself, protecting the company, protecting the nation, looking after people who needs special care, investigating human behavior, investigating crimes and more. Please keep in mind, it is pretty legal to spy on a computer you own in your home, company, orgnization or institution, or spy on someone with the target computer user's concent or delegation.


I am a father of a 14 year old daughter. Months ago my wife and I noticed our girl became very anxious when using her laptop and refused to talk about her school life. I knew there must be something wrong. My psychologist friend said it could be cyber-bullying and recommended us SpyKing PC Spy software and it proved our guess! We have reported the mean girl to school and cleaned the source of all vicious words. Our happy girl is back to us now! I would never believe my teenage son was seduced by a middle age woman.

It's a nightmare! She not only took advantage of my under-age child, but also urged him to abuse drugs, just like what she did to herself! My husband and I immediately realized we must take legal actions to save our boy. Hence, she was arrested by police.

Your PC spy software let us know everything. She can't deny all her crime with the evidence it collected.

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Mail, Gmail, and many more! Besides monitoring emails, SurveilStar Email Recording also have many extra features like monitoring MSN chats, tracking visited website, blocking network connection, filtering webpage, recording downloaded and uploaded files. So, if you need more than just spying emails, this software will be perfect for you. Installing this free email recording software is easy. Once the capture engine is started, each sent and received emails will be automatically recorded.